Mark Priston
Our Chief of Development makes sure we're where people need us.


With over 100 volunteers, we welcome anyone looking to help our communities. We serve nursing homes, community events and local events. 

Our founder

recent News

Our founder, Elwin Rutledge passed away on September 18, 2017. Our new President is Dayna Williams-Hunter.

Working in the Peace Corps was supposed to be a short-term commitment, but it became a life-long journey. I'm so fortunate to be able to impact the lives of others, all while partnering with some of the most passionate and driven philanthropists on the globe.

John McCoist
Our Chief Financial Officer spends his free time teaching children to read.

l-r, Ewin Rutledge, 


Our mission is to help the under-served all over the world. Our primary focus is on children and the elderly. 

Foundation History

1997 -Elwin Rutledge founded Our Commitment, Inc. 

1998 - First campaign raised over $12,000

2007 - First ever Men's Breast Cancer Walk

2011 - Breast Cancer Fundraiser




Sam Kromstain
Chief Legal Counsel ensures we are represented in Washington.